Baron de Ley, Graciano 2014 | 750 ml

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Baron de Ley, Graciano 2014 | 750 ml


This is a delicious, single varietal Graciano from Rioja. It is also happens to be made from one of the rarest red grape varietals in Spain. At one point Graciano was on the brink of extinction, but luckily for us, has had a resurgence. This is a very dense wine that is completely opaque. It has an inky purple colour that could cause a serious stain on your clothes if you’re not careful! It has a big, oak-driven nose with ripe plums, mint, hot cocoa, and spice.

On the palate you get dark berry and oaky cocoa notes and more spice. The wine feels quite structured with its high acidity and somewhat grippy tannins. Because of this you might want to decant it.

This is a wine that can age well, but is drinking nicely right now.

Foods you could pair with this is a nice steak, braised short ribs or any rich mushroom based veggie dish.

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Country — Spain

Region — Rioja

Producer — Baron de Ley

Varietal — 100% Graciano

Vintage — 2014

alc/vol. — 13.5%