Gran Passione, Veneto 2017 | 750 ml

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Gran Passione, Veneto 2017 | 750 ml


The Gran Passione Rosso is a Northern Italian wine that is made in the Veneto region. It is a red blend of Merlot, Corvina and Negroamaro and is made in the apassimento style of wine making. If you are not familiar with apassimento, it means that the grapes are dried before being made into wine. This gives the wine a rich, smooth big fruit flavour that is the favourite of many who like rich wines.

A great food pairing with the Gran Passione is beef, stews and roasts! Honestly, it’s also very nice on it’s own.

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Country — Italy

Region — Veneto

Producer — Gran Passione

Varietal — Merlot, Corvina & Negroamaro

Vintage — 2017

alc/vol. — 14%