Nº 22 | Black Hills Estate Winery event recap

Huge gratitude to all who attended our Black Hills Estate Winery and Nota Bene release tasting! Thank-you so much to Black Hills and winemaker Graham Pierce for crafting yet another stellar vintage and to Somm Steven Lane for co-hosting the evening. We sipped through an amazing showcase and experienced a sampling of what the Black Sage Bench offers—starting from Black Hill’s Viognier and up to their flagship Nota Bene 2014. Along with the wines, we had the pleasure of enjoying live music by local musician/composer, Vaughn Lowell Swenson, who paired each wine with an original composition. Yes, you heard that right! Much gratitude to all!

Thank you, as always to Broadway Wine for putting on such an outstanding event together and allowing us to be part of your store!
— Ben & Colleen Lim

Love this candid capture of musician/composer Vaughn Lowell Swenson on the keys and vocals. We were treated to original compositions to pair with the characteristics of each of the wines at our @blackhillswine event last Wednesday. It had a really cool old school, bluesy-jazz vibe that tapped into the essence of the varietal or blend. This was definitely a first for us!

Dana. Humble and full of love! This awesome lady has participated in the BC Cancer Foundation's Ride to Conquer for the last two years in honour of her brother who is in remission from treatments. In harmony with our local harvest season, Dana's team is named Team Crush it! The ride from Vancouver to Seattle lasted for two days, the 27th and 28th of August. She wanted to make sure she finished the race and got back to attend our tasting, and that she did! Our lil' monkey, with thanks to his grandparents, stopped in to give her some big love! Cheers and much love to our longtime friend, fellow wine lover and all round super woman!

Images ©Broadway International Wine Shop & Leila Kwok @leilalikes

Nº 20 | Cork Map of the World

Many customers have remarked on it, and we thought we would share with you the story behind it—a story of family history, a meaningful memento, and a promise kept.

 Anita Li was the “mom” part of the mom-and-pop duo who opened this store back in 1986. She was an extraordinary woman in a number of ways, who loved her business and loved her family, and she was always reminding us—her daughter and son-in-law—that she would like to see us use our design backgrounds to create something special for the store.

 Anita passed away in 2001. Among the things she left behind was a cork she had saved. It was the cork from the bottle of champagne that was used to celebrate the opening of the wine shop. (Ironically, back then they could only sell BC wines in the shop and there was no premium BC sparkling wine available, so they “imported” a French champagne for the occasion.)

 We realized that this was a family heirloom of special significance—one that needed to be honoured—and eventually, an idea began to take shape. We started collecting corks. The staff collected corks. Our customers brought in corks for us. And we went to work on our project.

 We consulted wine maps and topographical maps. We cut metal numerals for the date of the store opening. And we cut and sorted corks—more than 2000 individually-cut corks. Red wine stained corks for wine-producing countries; naturally-colored corks for the non-producing countries. 

 The final product represents more than 250 hours of painstaking work assembled over several years, hours we put in between other projects and after our own little guy—Anita’s grandson—was asleep.

 Oh yes, and “that cork” is there too. That first cork that was popped on that night in 1986. It’s back home now. And we like to think that Anita would approve.

Nº 19 | Gift cards!

The gift card orders are rolling in! A full-bodied selection with good structure, a rich wallet-feel, and pleasing notes of thoughtfulness. We can fulfill gift card orders from anywhere in the world and deliver to anywhere in BC.

We will handwrite your personal message in a beautiful script and deliver it before Christmas.


Nº 17 | A Tradition Remembered




Happy Mother's Day!

While supplies last, we have a Rose for all moms who visit us today! This has been one of our family traditions since 1986. Our mom, Anita, would present lovely flowers to all moms on Mother's Day.

How did it all begin? It all began when Anita received a bountiful bouquet of flowers at the shop on Mother's Day. On that day, many people opened-up and shared their stories about their moms, kids or their family. Anita started to hand-out flowers from the bouquet she had received as a token of gratitude. 

Sharing her bouquet of flowers with other moms was special to her. It was a nod to all moms. It was about sharing, about connection, love and acknowledgement. She loved the conversations and stories, the smiles, laughter and tears shared.

Anita passed away in 2001. In loving memory of our beautiful mom, Anita, we've continued this tradition in her honour!

Happy Mother's Day again to all! 


Nº 16 | Gift giving at the Wine Shop

Here are a few pics of gifts we have prepared for our customers 

This was a case of fantastic wines we put together for a customer.  

This was a case of fantastic wines we put together for a customer.  

These are a few of the Mother's Day gifting options available. Custom wrapping in a branded wooden wine box.  

These are a few of the Mother's Day gifting options available. Custom wrapping in a branded wooden wine box.  


Nº 15 | A visit from Sommelier DLynn Proctor



Awesome meeting Sommelier DLywn Proctor today! He was one of the 4 Sommeliers featured in the documentary "Somm". The film showcased the insane trials and tribulations a person must go through to become a Master Sommelier. He is currently the Winemaking Ambassador to the Americas for Penfolds and will be coming back to Vancouver to do a tasting at the shop some time in July.