Nº 17 | A Tradition Remembered




Happy Mother's Day!

While supplies last, we have a Rose for all moms who visit us today! This has been one of our family traditions since 1986. Our mom, Anita, would present lovely flowers to all moms on Mother's Day.

How did it all begin? It all began when Anita received a bountiful bouquet of flowers at the shop on Mother's Day. On that day, many people opened-up and shared their stories about their moms, kids or their family. Anita started to hand-out flowers from the bouquet she had received as a token of gratitude. 

Sharing her bouquet of flowers with other moms was special to her. It was a nod to all moms. It was about sharing, about connection, love and acknowledgement. She loved the conversations and stories, the smiles, laughter and tears shared.

Anita passed away in 2001. In loving memory of our beautiful mom, Anita, we've continued this tradition in her honour!

Happy Mother's Day again to all!