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Black Hills Winemaker + Live Music!

All images ©Black Hills Estate Winery 

One of the advantages of being among the first independent wine stores in the province, with a history stretching back thirty years now, is that we have some great memories of being there when certain BC wineries made their big breakthrough. Even better, we get to celebrate their continuing success.

Which is why we are very happy to welcome Black Hills Estate Winery to our shop. This is a winery that was among the first to make a big splash in the Okanagan when they opened in 1996. And they were one of the first in BC to produce a bona fide cult hit among wine aficionados—the Nota Bene—selling out their entire 2006 vintage of 3300 cases. In 47 minutes! We still remember the madness surrounding that release, and the enthusiastic line-up we had here in the shop.

There are a number of reasons for their phenomenal success. One of them is their ideal location--a 40-acre property located on the Black Sage Bench north of Osoyoos, in the heart of Canada’s only desert. It is a micro climate that makes it one of the hottest, driest, and most sunny sites in the country.

Another reason is the extraordinary dedication of the people behind the wines. You know how you often hear of wine producers who “eat and sleep” wine-making? In this case, that is almost literally true, as Black Hills winemaker Graham Pierce actually lives on-site, right in the middle of the vineyard.

Graham is coming out from his Osoyoos hideaway and will be here with us on Wednesday August 31 at 7–9pm and he’s bringing along the latest selections from Black Hills. We anticipate another memorable evening.

For this event, they are pairing these exceptional wines with some carefully selected live music. Scientific studies say that music enhances the appreciation of wine – let’s get together on the 31st and find out how true that is. Whatever the case, it will be a great end-of-the-summer soirée.

This is a complimentary event, but keep in mind space is limited. Please RSVP (ASAP) to let us know if you intend to join us, so we can add you to our guest list and prepare accordingly. You can call us at (604) 734-8543 or email


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