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We are thrilled to announce our upcoming wine + food event! On Tuesday, September 27th, 7–9pm, we will welcome one of Vancouver's top Japanese chefs, Masayoshi Baba of Masayoshi and two Sake Breweries from Japan, Kawatsuru and Tatenokawa, to our wine shop for what we are sure will be an exciting evening!

When we first tasted Masayoshi’s cuisine, we were blown away by his creations. Not only were they beautiful to the eyes, but they were an amazing exploration of flavours, textures and presentation. Masayoshi is a culinary artist who developed serious skills over two decades, both back in Japan and during his 10 years as sushi chef at Tojo’s. This year, Masayoshi was awarded Bronze at the Vancouver Magazine Awards, in the Best Upscale Japanese category alongside his respective peers. Pretty impressive, considering the level of talent this city has to offer and that Masayoshi had been open less than a year. But, awards don't faze him as he is as humble and kind as ever. What Masayoshi is passionate about, is his cuisine and sharing his craft and creations with everyone. With that said, we are very honoured to have Masayoshi come to our wine shop to do just that. 

Guiding us through the sake pairings, will be certified Sake Sommelier, Manami Sei and special guests from Japan, Naoko Obata of Tatenokawa and Yuichiro Kawshito, President of Kawatsuru Brewery. We will be tasting a variety of sake styles from these two renown breweries. These producers both have a long and awarded history, but their styles and approaches to sake making are quite different. Kawatsuru, which first opened their doors in 1854, is a traditional style sake brewery, while Tatenokawa, which opened in 1832, has a decidedly modern approach. We can’t wait to see what Masayoshi creates alongside the sake pairings. 

This event will be communal longtable style. It will be a casual yet intimate setting. It also means that, thanks to our cozy quarters that space is limited. Please act soon to secure your spot(s). 

We hope you will join us for what we are sure will be a memorable evening!


The Broadway Wine Shop Family  |  Estd. 1986

All Masayoshi Photos, Credit: Leila Kwok