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Old World Wines! 


First off, thank you to everyone who has been coming to our rebooted weekend tastings! Chris has really been enjoying the themes, engaging in conversations and connecting with old and new friends.

At today's Sunday tasting we are featuring wines from the Old World. When referencing the Old World, we are primarily talking about the wines of Europe and countries around the Mediterranean. It is here where the roots of winemaking have been traced back to over 8,000 years. This is such a fascinating area as there are so many regional differences and variations to the winemaking techniques. We look forward to opening up some bottles and discussing where they are from, what the traditions are, how they are made and what is unique to the terrior.

As always, this is a complimentary tasting and everyone is invited. We hope to see you here.


Chris, Rosina & Jason

The Broadway Wine Shop Family
Estd 1986

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